Sunday, October 23, 2011

We Interrupt this Blog Post.....

I crossed another item off my 50 Things to Do list today, and I have the video, sore muscles, bruises, and  battered ego to prove it. It will have to wait until tomorrow night, though, as more pressing (and important - are those the same thing?) news is to be shared first.

Baby Luke was born at 8:13 this morning, all whopping 1 pound and 15 ounces and 13 inches of him. Incredibly, he did NOT have to be put on a ventilator (yet) and is doing quite well. Mom is doing well too, but since she had a Caesarean section and I was at the hospital just four hours post-delivery, I didn't get to see her. Dad is AMAZINGLY calm and is doing an incredible job of managing the circus that is her family, his family, friends, and co-workers at the hospital.

Luke's daddy showed us a picture of nothing but his hand holding the tiny one of Luke, and that image is burned in my mind. I'll have to see if he will share it with me.

Luke's grandmother told us at the hospital to go home and look up the Bible verse Luke 1:15 (because that's how much he weighed). 

I find modern medicine just incredible.


DJan said...

I kept hoping that he wouldn't have to leave the womb quite yet, but I look forward to hearing how he does. That is really, really tiny.

DJan said...
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Kelly said...

"He will be great in the sight of the LORD."

Saying some prayers for him. Keep us posted!