Monday, October 3, 2011

What I'm NOT Doing on My Fall Break.....

  • Staying at a casino in Vegas as Hubby and I had planned (and I came THIS CLOSE to booking, because I tend to do things like that freakishly far in advance) before our school board changed our school calendar
  • Participating in a multi-day bicycle ride because it doesn't occur until weekend after next, although it seems that the two events once occurred on the same weekend
  • Visiting my Sweet Girl, because I AM going down there in 25 days, and I can't wait to see her
  • Cleaning house
  • Taking a short trip to my marsh house in South Carolina, the one I chickened out of buying back in August and have regretted it almost every day since
  • Working on the book I have been writing, although I compose a chapter or two in my head almost every day
  • Renovating our house, and thank all the gods and divorce lawyers in the world for that
  • Getting a much-needed pedicure
  • Going to see my mother because I'm a HORRIBLE daughter
  • Wearing make-up. Or a bra

1 comment:

BUSH BABE said...

This list made me laugh. Out loud! Hope your granny is okay. The key thing made me giggle too.