Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some Weeks are Apparently Like That.....

I wouldn't go so far as to say this week has sucked, and I certainly wouldn't stoop to saying that MY LIFE sucks, because I try not to be quite that dramatic, but the first two days in this week have not been overly kind to me, as evidenced by the fact that I have just written a nearly (but not quite) run-on sentence and would like to continue it for comedic effect but don't have the energy.

Please do not interpret this list as whining. I am not grumpy, I am not depressed, I am not angry, and I am not contemplating the early retirement on November 1st which would still allow me to collect my full pension. These are just observations, not complaints.

If you are afraid they are going to be complaints anyway, despite the long-winded disclaimer(s) I have offered, feel free to go visit someone else's blog.

  • Our state has experienced another severe drought for the last several months. Yesterday and today should have taken care of that little matter.
  • Rain means I can't ride my bike. One of my goals this year is to ride more miles every month than I did that same month last year. I realize that borders on ridiculous, and really, how many years can anyone hope to keep THAT up? In October last year I rode the insane number of 453 miles. If the rain doesn't stop soon, how am I ever going to beat that?
  • Our electricity went off at 5:50 this morning and was still out when I left for school. I could do everything except dry my hair, and I keep a hair dryer at school. Luckily I had already had my coffee and my Greek yogurt before the power outage. 
  • The traffic light at the end of our road was out due to the power outage, and there was a sheriff's deputy there. Sitting in his car. Very useful. 
  • I have spent two days trying to crochet back to the point where I was on Sunday night, before I realized I had an extra stitch in every round and had to take it out. I could have compensated for the extra stitch, but I won't let myself do that. I pulled out six rounds of double crochet stitches.
  • I spent 30 minutes this morning crocheting by flashlight. Obsessed much?
  • I almost talked myself out of going to Zumba tonight, but I missed last Tuesday, and I won't be here for the Thursday class this week, so I went. It was not enjoyable this time for some reason. I love the Tuesday instructor, but I just wasn't feeling it this week.
  • My mother-in-law called after dinner tonight and told me to send Hubby down there to help her to the bathroom. Hubby doesn't particularly like doing that, so I asked why him. She said she didn't want to ask me all the time, and I said I would be right there. Either she should have called sooner or I should have moved quicker. Nuff said.
  • Both cats have decided they like to sleep thisclosetous. I'm never having another cat.
  • When the bicycle rack is on my car, the beep-beeps that tell me when I'm about to ram my car into something behind me is one long, loud, piercing screech. It is about one pitch off from the seat belt warning tone, and when they are both going, it feels like someone has stuck a pitchfork through my nostril straight into my brain. (I ALWAYS wear a seat belt, except when I'm driving the 100 yards to my mother-in-law's house because it's pouring rain.)
  • I realized tonight that I haven't touched my piano in months. I have no idea why that thought occurred to me either. Perhaps that would be good therapy. But not right now, since Hubby would not like to be jarred from sleep by my therapy.
Enough negative vibes for tonight. 

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Kelly said...

Sometimes I'm not sure if you're a saint or a stand-up comic. You have a way of making me totally admire you, but still make me laugh out loud. It's a gift and one of the reasons I come here.