Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weather and Mood.....

I don't fully understand the connection between weather and people's moods. Or at least MY mood.

I mean, I get that there IS a connection. I'm just not completely aware of WHY.

These past few days have been the perfect weather here in our little corner of the world. Bright blue skies, often cloudless or with only wispy clouds, chilly temperatures in the mornings (but not enough to see one's breath), warming up to short-sleeve weather during the day.

Likewise, my spirits have been high. Buoyant even. (I just wanted to see if I could spell that word.) I haven't had a meltdown in ... oh, say several days ... and I've done things that are completely out of character for me.

For example: visiting my mother, cooking, and cleaning house.

Logic tells me that doing things like laundry, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms could just as easily be done on a rainy, dreary, cold day. In fact, wouldn't a day when it's not decent enough to get outside and do anything else LEND itself to staying indoors and getting things done?

Oh, I do the staying indoors part. I'm just not likely to use the time being productive. I might curl up with a good book (iPad, whatever), work on my quilt, crochet, or play a video game.

But it's the perfect weather days that inspire me to get things done. Hubby is probably hoping it never turns cold and rainy again.

Is anyone else out there affected similarly by the weather? Or am I insane all by myself?


Anonymous said...

I am the exact opposite. I get so tired of the damn sunshine and find my mood to be much better and my days more productive when the weather is dreary.

DJan said...

I love the sunshine, but it's partly because we don't usually get long stretches of it. I smile and feel good when the sun shines, but I hardly ever get moved to CLEAN! :-)