Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shoe Blitz......

I have never thought of myself as a high-maintenance woman, at least not compared to some women I know. I tend toward clothing that is serviceable and comfortable, and I wear things long after they stop being fashionable. (I had a former co-worker who felt duty-bound to point out to me when something was outdated. And she wonders why we aren't friends anymore?)

I don't consider myself much of a shoe person either. (I know, Maggie, it's scandalous. Sorry!) I don't set out to go shoe shopping as a rule; it occurs naturally as a tangential activity to other shopping.

Because I don't shop for shoes very often, I don't usually buy just ONE pair of shoes. That was the case today when I went shopping with both sisters, my mother, and my niece. I bought FOUR pairs of shoes, but the store was having such a good sale that I couldn't pass them up. They will all be called into service, I promise.

(Please overlook the fact that I really need a pedicure. I've been trying to save that hunk of money by doing them myself, and I haven't taken the time to do it lately.)

These may be my favorite out of the new shoes. They were labeled black, but to me they appear more navy in color. And they're Crocs. As a rule I'm not a big fan of Crocs, mainly because they tend to be big and clunky-looking. My sister the nurse will wear nothing else, and I do have a knock-off pair that I wear when I go kayaking, but I don't consider most Crocs worthy of wearing out in public. I really like these, though. They're comfortable (Crocs' main selling point, I think), and they're cute enough to wear with skirts and shorts. Plus they're made of trademark Crocs material (rubber?), so they should be easy to keep clean. And it won't matter if I have to wear them in the rain.

I wanted a new pair of white sandals. The two I had already are in pretty bad shape, and they don't have a strap around the back of my foot. Sometimes I need that strap to keep my shoes from flopping against the bottom of my foot when I walk. And sometimes I need it to keep from walking right out of my shoes. It doesn't show up well in the photo, but these are "shiny," sort of a fake patent-leather look.

I also wanted a pair of brown sandals to wear with khaki shorts and skirts (not that I have many of THOSE). Like my white ones, I have a pair of brown sandals, but not only have they seen their better days, they have become dangerous. They are so slippery that some floor surfaces are precarious. I call these new ones my Roman sandals. Now we just need to go to Rome.

And now for the piece de...... I don't know.

I didn't get a very good shot of the platform portion of these shoes, and the flash makes the color not show up very well. They are sort of a PINK. Maggie, does that get me bonus points? I have two occasions coming up for which I need to dress up a little: one of Hubby's golfing buddies and his wife are renewing their marriage vows, and we are invited. I have a sort of burgundy (or wine) colored dress that I wore to my niece's wedding last August, so I think these shoes will go nicely. They aren't nearly as uncomfortable as it would appear. The platform part has a lot of padding in it, so it's kind of squishy. To be sure, I won't be running any 10K races (or races of any length, to be precise) in them, but I think I'll be able to master walking in them before the event. The week after this ceremony Hubby and I are leaving on a cruise, and I enjoy dressing up for the "formal" evenings on the ship. Hubby does not. I will win.

In addition to the shoes, I bought a cute skirt (what's up with THAT?) and a top that do not go together. So now I will need a top to go with the skirt and a bottom something to go with the top. Sigh. I guess I will have to force myself to go on another shopping spree.

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DJan said...

Congratulations on all those wonderful shoes, B... I love them all, and would wear all of them except that last pair. I can't believe those first ones are Crocs! I must go and see if I can find a pair of those myself. Totally cool! :-)