Monday, July 30, 2012

SAGBRAW Day 2 Manitowoc to Plymouth.....

The first 15-20 miles of the ride were along the shore of Lake Michigan this morning. I was surprised there wasn't more development along the shore. There were occasional houses and little farms, so it doesn't appear that building there is banned. And the houses didn't look like you had to have a bajillion dollars to build there. Just something that made me go hmmmmm....

Today was a little hillier, a little hotter, and a little farther than yesterday's route, so I was a little slower. I had to ride the additional 6 miles this morning that I cut off yesterday, plus about 3 to get to tonight's campground. That made my total mileage for today 72 miles. I had a little moment of panic when I got to the last town and started trying to navigate to where Hubby was camped. I had put it in my bike GPS, but I should have started following it sooner. I could have cut off a couple of miles, but whatever. It will be a little worse tomorrow. I have to get back to the route, then tomorrow night's campground is 11 miles beyond the stopping point. So my ride tomorrow might be closer to 80 miles. Yikes. My friend Larry has a rule that if you ride 80 miles, you have to ride 100. Good thing Larry isn't here, and he's not the boss of me anyway.

This campground is marvelous, but dang if they don't have a bunch of rules. I made a joke on FB about breaking some of them, but I'm too tired. I'm a rule follower anyway. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. They had two typed pages of rules. Here's just a small sample:

  • Bikes are not to be ridden after dark. Bikes out after dark must be walked, even if they have lights.
  • Walking or biking through campsites is prohibited.
  • Rottweilers or Pit Bull's [sic] are not permitted in the park at any time. Proof of vaccinations must be provided upon request. No more than two dogs are allowed on a site. Excessive barking is prohibited.
  • All non-seasonal golf carts must be registered in the office and will incur a $20 or $50 (plus tax) registration fee. The office must have proof of $100,000 liability insurance naming the cart on your golf cart prior to check in. [Huh?] They also must be inspected and approved by the General Manager.
  • All vehicles in the park must have a valid pass at all times. Park speed limit is 10 MPH. Speeding is prohibited. Motorcycles may only be driven from the park office to your site. [How you get out of the park is your problem.]
  • Visitors must leave by 9 pm unless registered as an overnight guest. Visitors arriving after 7 pm must be registered as an overnight guest. Fees will be adjusted to a day fee if departure is before 9 pm. [Huh?] All visitors four years of age and older must purchase a guest pass. 
I'm not implying that any of their rules are unreasonable - even the ones I can't understand. I just think it's funny that there are so many of them. To go with their rules, however, they have a lake, a restaurant (open on weekends only - drat), three pools, an activity center, a dance hall, an amphitheater, paved roads, cable television, and holy moly a bunch of campsites. We are number 425, and we aren't even at the end.

My Internet is very wonky tonight. Slow as molasses, and I'm having trouble with captions for the photos. So you'll just have to use your imagination.

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