Monday, July 23, 2012

Random Thoughts.....

  • I had a very good topic planned for tonight, but it involves some scanning of photos, and first I have to FIND the photos, so if it sounds like I'm coming up with excuses, please forgive me.
  • I'm working on my cathedral window quilt now, and I'm fastidious about keeping my hands clean while I work on it. I think I wash my hands more frequently than a surgeon these days.
  • I ordered two very different items online today: Zumba shoes (guess that means I'll have to start going back to Zumba class) and an action video camera to mount on the handlebars of my bike. Oh, the power of suggestion.
  •  I got a letter from the teachers' retirement folks Friday saying they were missing a final sick leave form. I thought it was from my last employer, because they are notorious for not completing things when they should. I was ready to call and complain loudly that I am being penalized (I actually retired with 29.556 years, and sick leave was to make up the rest) because of them when I realized the missing sick leave was from when I worked for UGA. In 1982. Seriously? They're going to need a dust buster to find those records. The good news is that when the sick leave IS finalized, they will give correct my pay retroactively.
  • My dream of owning the marsh house is in jeopardy...again. And no, I didn't annoy my mother to the point that she withdrew her offer of making the down payment. It seems that my ex lost his house to foreclosure, and I was still on the mortgage, so my loan cannot be approved. Yet. The loan officer is working on it diligently (he is really on my side), but I don't know what the odds are. I'm sure we could get a loan if Hubby put his name on it (I'm borrowing the money alone), but I don't want to start over. If the loan doesn't go through, I'm taking the attitude that it wasn't meant to be and the rewards weren't worth the risk. But it will still sting. Details as they develop.
  • I took mother-in-law to yet another new doctor today, this time a kidney specialist. Seems her elevated calcium levels may indicate a kidney issue IN ADDITION TO the tumor in the roof of her mouth for which they are going to do surgery. Of course this visit means an additional trip for more lab work in two weeks, then another visit after that to discuss the new lab results, and who knows what after that. I told the doctor today, "It would be nice if you guys could all just TALK TO EACH OTHER." He sort of chuckled and said something about medicine not working that way. It's frustrating.
  • We are leaving Friday for a little over a week, and I haven't started packing yet. Packing for Hubby is easy, since he can wear the same thing for several days in a row without it bothering him. For me, however, I have to pack cycling stuff for riding, in addition to off-the-bike clothes for evenings. And we're going to a part of the country where we've never been before, so I don't really know what to expect weather-wise. 
  • One of my mother-in-law's appointments occurs while we are gone. And I'm nervous about her own daughter taking her to the doctor. 
  • Gus had to get shots today, and they drew blood out of his front paw. He's limping around like he got caught in a bear trap or something, and he has this pitiful look on his face. Sort of like men when they get sick. Tomorrow he has to go to the groomer, so he may pout for days. Then when we transport him across state lines this weekend, he may be ready to report us to the Humane Society.
  • I posted this on FB, but it bears repeating here. I saw a recipe for chicken noodle soup on a box of crackers. The first ingredient: "2 cans chicken noodle soup."
  • I bought a new battery for my bathroom scale (insert joke here about me wearing it out, it's okay) at the grocery store last week. It's that flat kind, the kind that looks like a cross between a nickel and a quarter. When I got home, I couldn't find it, and I thought the bagger had overlooked it when sacking up my groceries. Then I found the refrigerator. It had somehow stuck to the bottom of a package of ground beef. So I put it in a safe place. And I have no idea where that might be. I bought another one today.
  • I've been checking the website every day to purchase an RV parking pass for football season. If we don't get an RV pass, we're sort of screwed, because I didn't enter the lottery for game day parking. The website still says to keep checking, the information will be posted mid-July. Maybe their definition of "mid" is different from mine.
  • It's going to be a busy week, so my thoughts are likely to be scattered this way all week. I apologize in advance. I hope to make up for it by taking some (please please please please) nice photos from my bike next week.

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