Saturday, July 28, 2012

SAGBRAW Day Zero.....

Just a short blog post to let you know we made it. It's 916 miles from our driveway to Appleton, Wisconsin. That's a whole lot of driving. There are 380 registered riders on this ride, 11 of them from Georgia.

My cousin and her husband got here right after we did, and they took us to dinner. In a convertible, no less. Nothing like hanging around with the cool kids. Hubby and my cousin's husband (yes, he DOES happen to have a name, and it's Joe) are planning to play golf tomorrow.

Tonight we are in the school's parking lot. They said we couldn't run generators, but we parked around back away from everyone else. If a tent camper complains about the noise, it will be because he or she went LOOKING for it. Tomorrow night we have a spot reserved at a campground right on Lake Michigan. I may not want to leave.

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