Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Pre-4th of July Thoughts....

Blogging from the iPad, so it will be short. You're welcome.

I think the guy who does the Ford commercials is sexy.

It has poured rain in our area today, and I am thrilled.

I made a 7-letter word in Words with Friends today. ("reimaged")

I have to use HTML code to put line breaks in blog posts on the iPad. I hate HTML code. I'm not even sure it works yet.

I got Jezebel back from the bike shop yesterday. I've never been so happy to see an inanimate object in my life. I celebrated by taking a 40-mile ride today.

Katydid and I are "running" in the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta tomorrow, along with 60,000 other folks.

I prefer for Chipper Jones to chew gum instead of having that wad of ... whatever ... in his cheek.

I left the shopping for tomorrow's celebration up to Hubby since A) they're HIS family; and B) I won't even be there until after the pool party starts. He bought three different kinds of chips, a box of crackers, and some cubed cheese.

If I had realized the bike ride in Wisconsin would be the same week as the Olympic Games, I might have put off riding in that one to next year. For once I will be glad Hubby insists on taking the satellite dish in the RV.