Friday, February 11, 2011

Trying to Generate Some Mojo......

A good blogger would have produced pictures for this blog, but THIS blogger is tired.

Tomorrow our gymnastics team has a meet against the #1 team in the nation. I remember when WE were the #1 team in the nation. We, however, were never unbeatable, as this particular team appears to be. They came out of the gate putting up scores that usually don't show up until mid-season. There were a few little squeaks about the possibility of their peaking too soon, but I don't think they HAVE a peak. They just keep going up.

And it's Florida.

Florida, of all teams.

The college we most like to hate in all things sports-related.

And you can't take anything at all away from their team. They are just stacked with talent from top to bottom ... wait, they don't HAVE a bottom. They're just stacked with talent. Period.

Last year we lost at THEIR place, but only by a tenth. That's a stuck landing. A wobble on beam. A shuffle of the feet.

This year we have been decimated by injuries and graduation. We have had an AWESOME freshman step up, and if she's on she will score huge. We also have a walk-on who has made her way into the lineup on two events, but she's been injured too.

I did everything in my power to generate as much Friday mojo as I could. I wore my Uga VI shirt (even though he is now THREE mascots ago, may they rest in peace) to school today. I wore my new leather UGA logo tennis shoes. Socks. Bracelet. Earrings. My special Gym Dog necklace that Frogger Blogger had made for me.

I'm now unashamedly begging for help from the public. If you don't have anything else to do tomorrow at 4:00 PM EST, send some warm thoughts toward Stegeman Coliseum in Athens, Georgia. My hope is that our team will shine with some good scores, even if they don't win in the end. If your warm thoughts cause a Florida gymnast (or two or three) to fall off the beam or slip from the uneven parallel bars (without injury, OF COURSE), well that's all part of the game.

This would be a good time to break the 197 mark. For US, not them. They've already done it (twice).

If you don't give a rip about college gymnastics, send some warm thoughts that I don't suffer a stroke in the middle of the competition. It would dampen the enjoyment of the meet for Katydid and Frogger Blogger. They might have to shove my inert body out of the way for a better view of the floor exercise.

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