Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monk Moment #3.........

It has been quite a while since I had a Monk Moment that was worthy of blogging about. If you have never seen the series Monk, you may not know that the lovable character is extremely OCD. To the point that he cannot hold down the job he once loved, but he is still called in on some cases because of his superior powers of observation. The other officers refer to him as the "Defective Detective."

My friend Lawanda the Warrior Princess got me started on Monk. I watched a few episodes, but then I got sidetracked and didn't pick it back up. And I don't watch it on television because naturally I HAVE TO WATCH THE EPISODES IN ORDER. LWP gave me a Monk bobblehead for my desk because she and I share a few of Monk's characteristics. I wish the ones I have would extend to housekeeping, but alas a little clutter is fine with me. When Hubby opens only ONE set of blinds on one of our double windows, however, that is NOT fine. Plates have to be stacked a certain way in the china cabinet, and the flowers have to be pointing in the right direction even in the dishwasher. The bed has to be made every day, and the decorative pillows have to be pointing in the same direction. I only use a certain kind of ink pen, I do NOT loan those out to students (or co-workers), and if I lose the cap to a pen, I throw it away. My dresser drawers are neatly arranged, and everything has its place.

I had a Monk Moment this afternoon when I stopped at Wally World for an eclectic bunch of stuff. (Diapers, doggy pee pads, dog treats, baby shampoo and wash, grapes, a yoga mat, and a veggie tray. The baby stuff and veggie tray are for a baby shower at school tomorrow.)

They restriped the parking lot at our local Wally World not too long ago, and naturally the stripe went right over the sewer cover.

The sewer checker guy, however, is apparently unconcerned about trivialities like stripes, so when he finished HIS job (whatever that is), he just slapped the sewer cover down any old way.

When I told LWP about it on the phone, she asked if I had attempted to pry the cover up and straighten it out. I answered that the thought crossed my mind, but the people who were waiting for me to cross were already perplexed that I stopped in the middle of the crosswalk IN THE RAIN (actually it was sleet) to take a picture.

If only I had Photoshop, I would fix this little problem. At least on my computer.


DJan said...

Oh. Dear. I have a problem with that drain, too.

KatyDid53 said...

I would have fixed it. I would have been forced to by my own Monkish characteristics. And I know you know them well! (And why mine also do not extend to housekeeping!)

Kelly said...

The older I get, the more I embrace my OCDness. Yes, this would have bothered me, too!