Thursday, February 24, 2011

Proclamation of Spring......

WHEREAS, As of February 24, 2011, we the people of Georgia have had way more than our share of snow this year; and

WHEREAS, no supreme being in his or her right mind would intend for Southern-born folks to endure the hardships brought on by cold weather; and

WHEREAS, the temperature in our town approached the 70-degree mark AGAIN today; and

WHEREAS, I wore these shoes to school today, and everybody knows you don't wear white before Easter;


WHEREAS, I also wore these pants, and ditto on the white;


WHEREAS, I also wore a top that has short sleeves (picture removed because I didn't like it);


WHEREAS, it is most appropriate that we call a stop to this foolishness that we call winter; and

WHEREAS, those of us who have an interest in riding our bicycles and/or motorcycles would like to shake the cobwebs off the aforementioned; and

WHEREAS, we are tired of being cooped up inside with germy children and grown-ups alike;

NOW, THEREFORE, I BRAGGER, OF NO PARTICULAR IMPORTANCE WHATSOEVER, do hereby proclaim that from this day forward, spring has sprung.


Kelly said...

I think that rule only applies to dress shoes.

I've enjoyed these warmer days (though it is supposed to be cooler tomorrow now that the storms have passed through).

Lilith said...

Can you please come up to Indiana and make a proclamation? We just got hit with another 6-8 inches of snow last night and my kids school is cancelled for the 13th time!

Maggie said...

I'd like for you to come to where I live and give this same proclamation, only we have so much snow right now, I don't think you could get to me.

And as long as your shoes match your purse, who cares about color?