Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cooking for Two.....

Cooking for two should be a breeze. And it is, if we're eating the same thing.

Since I've been trying to eat healthy and lose (more) weight, however, it has become quite a challenge. Tonight is an example of just such a challenge.

My stove top has four burners (like I'm guessing 98% of the population, Pioneer Woman notwithstanding). In my kitchen tonight, however, I had six pans going: two different skillets for salmon patties, a small dutch oven for black beans and rice, a boiler with potatoes, a saucepan for field peas, and a small boiler for a yummy sauce (made with soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and honey) to drizzle over broccoli. I was shuffling pans like a chef at a Japanese steakhouse slices and dices veggies. That's a terrible analogy, but it's all I've got.

In addition, I used the rice cooker/vegetable steamer to cook the broccoli and the toaster oven to toast some sesame seeds (sprinkled over the sauce on the broccoli). Two skillets were required for the salmon because Hubby likes his patties fried, and I didn't want the calories. So I used a nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray to cook mine. They didn't hold together quite as well, but they were still tasty.

Hubby won't eat rice, so the black beans and rice dish was just for me. I have enough left over to take for lunch tomorrow and Friday, and possibly some for dinner tomorrow night. I thought I made enough broccoli for lunch tomorrow too, but the sauce was so good that I wound up eating all the broccoli.

All this kitchen activity followed on the heels of a verrrrrrrrrrrry loooonnnnnnnnnggggggg walk in the park with Hubby and the dogs. It's early to bed tonight.

Right after I fold a load of laundry.


Kelly said...

I find cooking for one much easier than cooking for two. It's just not always as healthy.

We eat a lot of leftovers. (and thank goodness my husband never minds)

Brenda Stewart said...

Hi Kelly, the old Honeymoom saying "a man works from sun to sun but a women's work is never done" but you sound like you have a good plan. Fixing your food and having enough for the next day or two is healthier than eating out and it saves money too.