Friday, February 25, 2011

Guest Post......

The Warrior Princess inadvertently provided tonight's material in an email today. I am only using it with her permission, though.

I am not usually impartial enough when it comes to our college gymnastics team that I can defend even their obvious flaws.

Can't point her toes? SHE CAN'T HELP IT!
A little on the hefty side? THAT'S GENETICS, NOT DESSERTS!
Trouble landing that vault without a huge step back? BUT SHE'S CUTE! AND SHE'S A WALK-ON!
Falling off the beam on a regular basis? SHE'S BEEN INJURED!

Today, however, I was presented with a quote from one of our seniors - A SENIOR!!!! - that made me put my head in my hand at first, then I wanted to claw my own eyes out.

The UGA website has a column called "Ask the Gym Dogs" that they run every other week or so, in which fans can email questions for one or more of the gymnasts or coaches.

One of this week's questions was directed at our two seniors, asking when they anticipate graduating and what their future plans are.

One of them replied that she is considering adding a second major, which would delay her graduation until May of 2012, and give her a season in which she could work with the team as a student coach.

The other one? I'm going to copy and paste here, because I don't want there to be any chance I have misconstrued her words: "I will be graduating this May!  As of right now, I will be going back home to Las Vegas and I want to go to hair school!  I'll definitely keep involved with the sport somehow too!"

Here's where the Warrior Princess comes in. I emailed her the link to the story and asked (sort of) what she thought about it.

Her reply in red, my comments follow:

I cannot believe what I just read.  First of all, "hair school?????"  Is her vocabulary no bigger than THAT?!  Exactly. If you've been to college for four years, shouldn't you know a 5-syllable word like "cosmetology"?

And secondly, YOU HAVE A FOUR-YEAR DEGREE IN SOMETHING -- ANYTHING OTHER THAN "HAIR SCHOOL" -- AND YOU WANT TO BE A COSMETOLOGIST???   Um...yeah. Her major is Child and Family Development. I'm not knocking cosmetologists, and heaven knows I could use a good one (but I'm not going to Las Vegas for a haircut every five or six weeks). But surely there's something she can do with that degree that she earned (and I helped pay for?) by twisting, tumbling, flipping, and dancing for four years.

And thirdly, why would ANYBODY let her "do" their hair -- LOOK AT HERS!!!
For this one, only a picture will suffice.

I am a true fan, and I love her dearly. She is darling, and her mom is just as real as those moms get.

But seriously? SERIOUSLY? Hair school?

I sincerely hope you've got a few more 9.9's in you this season.

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Maggie said...

I want to say that the day after read this post, Mac asked me to cut his hair. I had doing it, even though it just involves running the clippers over his head. I feel clumsy and think I don't do a good job.

Daddy-O is watching and giving me pointers. I finally hand him the clippers and say, "here you do it! I didn't go to hair school" and I cracked up with hysterical laughter that neither of them thought was nearly as funny as I did!

Sorry for the long ramble... this is so sad that she wants to go to hair school....