Friday, February 18, 2011

How I Spent a Beautiful Friday Bragger.......

I had a doctor's appointment this morning, so I took a sick day. It was originally a furlough day when I scheduled the appointment, but we had this FREAK snowstorm here (you may have heard me mention it a time or twenty), so every day off from here to eternity was canceled. AND we have a teacher "work day" on a SATURDAY in March to boot. (I'll keep you posted on just how much WORK gets done that day.)

It was a beautiful day with temperatures (expected to be) near 70, so I fully anticipated coming home and riding my bike.

I really did.

I also thought I might work on my $$!*$(#!#$ knitting.

And sweep and mop the living room. (Hubby beat me to it, though.)

Do some laundry.


Clean out a space in the basement for the new elliptical that may or may not be delivered sometime this millennium. (I still cannot accept that the word "millennium" has two l's and two n's. It's just not right.)

Work on my quilt, which has gone sadly neglected while I attempt to learn $#!&*$# knitting.

Check on school emails to see how things are going in my absence. (Mighty big ego, isn't it? To think I need to check on school just because I'm not there?)

Take a (short) run in the park.

Get a pedicure.

Take a nap.

You want to know what I REALLY did with all my free time after I got home from the doctor's office?

Are you sure you're ready for this? 'Cause I'm just shameless enough to admit it. I'm not afraid. I'm grown, and I can do what I want to with my day off.

Here's what I did with my free time.

I played Mario on the Wii.

For four hours. Give or take.

I'm grown, and I can do what I want to with my day off.


I have to add this part, because it will shock and amaze those of you who know Hubby. I dragged him to a fundraiser for the baseball team tonight. It was a "Jamboree" with a band that plays mostly 80's music. Hubby hasn't listened to anything but country since somewhere around 1967, and he really prefers Hank Williams (the first one) to anyone else. He doesn't like most new country, much less the "screaming" music anybody else plays.

I bribed him by telling him there would be a bar. And reminding him that our "godson" is on the baseball team. (This "godson" has now been contacted by every major league baseball team, except for one. Wonder who the holdout is?)

He wasn't miserable! In fact, he asked me to dance ..... TWICE!

Expect another major snowstorm to hit the South just any minute now.


Anonymous said...

I spent the day - or 7 hours of it - working on my Regression midterm.

I like your day better.

Elena said...

LMAO! Oh WHY do you have to be so far (whining) you'd be perfect for that personal ad. I love that you played Mario all day (tee hee) and what great fun you & hubby must have had. AND you swear about knitting like I do (I gave up) AND AND you ride a Harley. Yep I had to move the lawnmower, bikes, stuff just to move her. And then couldn't find the darn tire gauge until FINALLY I was on the road. Plus if I hung out w/ you maybe your manual bike riding habit would rub off on me. God knows I need the exercise!

Kelly said...

It's not time wasted if you enjoyed it and it was good for your mental health! I can easily lose myself in a game like that.