Monday, February 7, 2011

My Prize......

You know what's wonderful about a tough Monday at school, coming home in the drizzly rain, and knowing it's nine lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng weeks until we have another day off?

Getting a package in the mail.

I wrote last week about being a winner, and today my prize arrived in the mail, along with a very sweet note from its creator.

I apologize for the poor photography. (I seem to be doing a LOT of that lately.) My big camera is at school, and I didn't have the forethought (or energy or time or inclination or even the idea) to write my blog post when it was still daylight so the natural light would be better. I'm afraid this photo doesn't do the artwork justice. This creation will serve as a constant reminder of the wonderful friendships we can build even with people we have never seen (and may never see) in person.

On the back of the piece is a .... what? .... saying? .... quotation? .... inspiration? .... that I found  poignant. And as a card-carrying member of the American Association of Professional Cynics, I don't throw words like "poignant" around lightly. Unless I'm being sarcastic. And in this case I'm not.

She signed the piece with her real, live, birth certificate name, too, but I cut that out of the picture just in case she wants to preserve her privacy. (It's a precarious tightrope we walk in the blogging world sometimes, isn't it?)

Is it wrong to use "precarious" and "tightrope" together? Is it redundant? If so, I apologize.

Thanks again to the blogger who held this giveaway. Drop by her blog and leave a kind word on my behalf. Or leave a kind word on your own behalf. I'm unselfish that way.

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