Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Blog Post in Two Parts......

I'm going to write this post in two parts.

In the first part, which I'm writing at about 12:30 PM on Saturday afternoon, I'm going to write as if what I WISH would happen at the gymnastics meet today really DID happen.

After the meet I will post what really happened. I apologize to those of you who do not share my passion obsession with college gymnastics. We're halfway through the regular season already, so you only have to suffer through a few more months of this.


They were better. We lost.


Vault: Cat Hires led off with a powerful vault but took a step sideways on the landing. Kat  Ding returned to the vault lineup and nailed her Yurchenko full exactly the way she did at 2009 NCAAs. Mariel Box finally landed her powerful vault without taking that enormous step back, and Lindsey Cheek continued to amaze everyone with her near-perfection on vault. Our two seniors, Cassidy McComb and Hilary Mauro, each threw a Yurchenko 1 1/2 and stuck the landings. Oh wait, I just left out Noel Couch. Let's put her in in place of Cat Hires, because Noel has stuck a couple of landings in her own right.

Bars: Christa Tanella led off with her usual precision and even stepped it up a notch to keep her very vocal critics from labeling her routine as "sluggish." She threw a half-twist into her double tuck dismount (does she even HAVE that?) and drew a fist pump from head coach Jay Clark. Lindsey Cheek returned to the bars lineup after a couple of weeks competing in only three events, and she did not disappoint. Cassidy McComb did a beautiful routine and even managed to point her toes. (Okay, that's a real fantasy, since her feet are as flat as they come, and I don't think people should blame that on her, but they do.) Noel Couch earned her season high score as she not only looked less herky-jerky, she stuck the landing. Gina Nuccio returned to the bars lineup and wowed the crowds - and the judges - with her beautiful routine. Because she was so near perfect, Kat Ding followed with the season's first perfect 10.0 from any gymnast in the country.

Beam: Christa led off on beam as well, executing her routine flawlessly, including that UGLY side somi. It's hard to make that skill look pretty. Or even decent. Noel followed with one tiny bobble that she covered up with a dance move. Lindsey got her highest score of the season because she took out that butt wiggle after her full turn that looks like a wobble. Cassidy and Hilary both nailed their punch fronts and their dismounts. It's getting harder and harder to make this crap up. Some random gymnast came in for the 6th spot and did a fabulous job as well.

Floor: Noel got things started with her usual herky-jerky self, but her piked full-in brought cheers from the crowd. Lindsey fired up the student section with her B-52's-inspired routine and fixed that twisting thing she does on one of her passes. Mariel continued to stick every landing and matched her high score of the season.  Cassidy was perfect in everything, including her beautiful triple turn. Hilary finally nailed that double front she starts off with, and Gina returned to the floor lineup and amazed everyone with her amazing double Arabian.

Final result: Georgia wins by a tenth. I'm not going to jinx us even further by predicting the score.

Tune in later for the REAL story.

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