Friday, April 3, 2009

When a Day Can't End Soon Enough....

I'm not usually one to use the blog as a platform to vent. And I wrote a post a couple of months ago speculating that we don't really have bad days; we create a domino effect of bad events because we don't react well to single setbacks.

Further proof that I am full of poo.

I will preface this rant by saying that the whole day in and of itself wasn't bad. It just seems that a plethora of unpleasant things happened in quick succession.

  • I got make-up on my brand new WHITE Georgia shirt with the contrasting collar because I didn't realize the bastard of a collar must be UNBUTTONED from the damn shirt before you put it on. I know with every cell of my being that a man must have designed it.
  • I had to schedule a parent conference for a difficult student around both his mother's and his recruiter's schedules. The only thing that worked for everyone was this afternoon. I hate and despise Friday afternoon conferences and generally avoid them like the plague. But this one was unavoidable. Only the recruiter suddenly realized he had to take his wife to the airport and didn't bother to show up. I hope ALL of his future recruits renege.
  • Another difficult student MOCKED me. With me sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. I don't know when I've come so close to striking a student. In the nose. With my fist. And brass knuckles.
  • By the time I got around to scheduling individual meetings with all of my advisees to give them their progress reports, most of the little darlings had checked out of school. Or they didn't bother to come in the first place. These are kids who should be beating down the doors to take any opportunity they can find to do their school work and graduate.
  • I picked step-granddaughter up from school and took her home, swinging by the tanning bed place on the way home. This took approximately an hour and a half. Keep in mind that I do NOT live in Atlanta. I live in a town more like Mayberry.
  • I left the tanning "salon" and crawled toward home, sitting through entire red light cycles because the light in front of it was still red and no one could move. I thought to myself, "The only thing that could make this worse is for a train to come along." That's when I heard the whistle and saw the crossing gate go down.
  • My "Low Fuel Level" alarm came on three times.
  • The mailman had thoughtfully brought an oversize envelope to the porch, where he propped it up in front of the storm door. On a sodden "Wipe Your Paws" welcome mat. The envelope soaked the water up about halfway up the length of the envelope. Inside was a songbook that I had ordered and for which I paid approximately $17.
  • I entered my house and could not identify a horrible smell.
  • I walked down to visit my mother-in-law and took Gus with me. Gus hopped up on the sofa, sat in my lap for a moment, went and sniffed the arm of the sofa, then hiked his leg and peed on it. (Sister-in-law has a chihuahua that uses the arm of the couch for her perch.) Gus is NOT a puppy.
  • Hubby came in from golf and asked, not how was your day dear, but what is that horrid smell?
  • We went out to eat, and what I ordered turned out not to be what I thought it was. Not bad, but not what I expected.
  • Noticing that my Blackberry's battery was low, I went in search of my charger. In all the places it could be. The only other place it might be is in a bookbag. On the floor under my desk. At school. Where I can't get in until Monday.
  • In my search for my Blackberry charger, I discovered a pile of Gus poo on the floor beside the elliptical. Gus is NOT a puppy.
Tomorrow simply must be a better day. And if it isn't, I promise I will keep it to myself.


KatyDid53 said...

You poor thing. No one should have to endure this much crap in one day. At least you still have your sense of humor. Oh no, that was me! I laughed and laughed. Love you.

AmandaSue : ] said...

PLC kids are such hellions. At least I'm not there raising cain and giving yall heck anymore :]

Anonymous said...

I say go spend a day on your motorcycle! Tha's bound to make it all better!