Friday, April 17, 2009

National Champs........Again.......

Grace Taylor

Dear Gym Dogs:

Not to take anything away from your gymnastics skills or the hours of practice you put in this year, but it's possible that you have me to thank for winning national championship #5 in a row and #10 overall.

Today I wore my UGA socks to school.

And my UGA bracelet and earrings.

And the new beaded necklace that says "Gymdogs" that Nurse Jane sent me for my birthday.

I wore my "All in for 10" t-shirt to school, and I don't usually wear t-shirts, even on jeans days.

I even wore the same red undergarments that I wear on every game day or meet day.

I thought about wearing my face tattoos, but I found out I only had one, and the lack of symmetry would have been completely unacceptable.

I watched both preliminary sessions on the computer yesterday, staying up waaaaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime to watch the second session, which you didn't even compete in. I had to scope out the competition, you see.

I printed out the rotation schedule for tonight and lamented the fact that you had to end on a bye, which gave the other teams a score to shoot at.

I even printed out the rotation schedule for the individual events tomorrow night, coverage I'm afraid I'll have to miss because I'll be out of the country. But I have faith in those of you who will be competing in the individuals. Especially after tonight's performances.

Tiffany Tolnay

I have to confess that I didn't have a lot of confidence after the lackluster bars and beam rotations. You didn't out and out suck, but you didn't shine like I know you are capable of. With the exception of Courtney Kupets, of course, who can do nothing BUT shine.

Courtney Kupets

I had conceded victory in my mind to either Utah or Alabama, both of whom would have been deserving teams.

Bars and beam have been your strongest events all year, and I thought it was over when you landed sort of in the middle of the pack. I kept seeing stuck landings from the other two powerhouses, and I didn't think you could drag yourself up out of that hole again. Again.

Cassidy McComb

I apologize for my lack of faith. Who could have guessed that you would not only produce a 10 on vault (thank you, Kupets), but a 9.95 from someone with a broken bone in her foot (I hope you get that surgery soon, Tiffany) and a 9.95 from a FRESHMAN (you're back to being my new favorite, Kat)?

Jay Clark and Kat Ding

Who would have guessed that the score we would be able to drop on floor would be a 9.90? Nine point nine? Excuse me? That was our LOW score? Is this the same team that earlier this year couldn't stay in bounds, couldn't stay ON the floor? Wow.

Abby Stack

I didn't tell anybody, but I had a dream the other night that you didn't even reach the finals, that you were knocked out in the preliminaries. Shhhhhhhh.....

[Yes, I realize I have sunk to an all new low because I have started dreaming about college gymnastics, for God's sake.]

Spring Break can officially begin. All is right with the world.


I have been diligent......errrr.....make that obsessive.......about blogging every single night. Tomorrow night, however, and the four nights following, I will be vacationing in the Dominican Republic. I hope to have internet access, particularly since I'm expected to carry on with my part-time online teaching job while I'm there. I may miss a night or two of blogging, however. To make up for it, I will do my best to post some gorgeous pictures upon my return. Or at least share some stories of gorgeous margaritas and pina coladas. Happy Spring Break, y'all!

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KatyDid53 said...

Maybe I helped a little bit! I wore the same shirt and pants that won the Georgia-Florida football game we witnessed in 2007! I added UGA socks and carried my Dawgs purse and tried to ignore the looks I got as I walked in to work tonight. But I drew the line at wearing my replica gymnastics championship ring. Remember I had that on when we did NOT win the SEC championship!! (But the ring IS in my purse!) Have a good trip.