Thursday, April 2, 2009

Please, Mother Nature, Make Up Your Mind......

I don't mind cold weather....much.... Okay, I HATE cold weather.

But I especially hate it after we've had a little touch of spring. I should know by now after almost 48 years in the South that the weather is nothing if not unpredictable, particularly during the spring.

Once we turn the calendar to April, however, I refuse to participate in anything that even remotely resembles winter. I have already dug out the capris. I haven't sported sandals yet, but I was saving that for next week.

Then I heard on the news tonight that the high temperature Monday is supposed to be in the 40's, possibly as high as 50's, and we're going to have some temps in the 20's next week.

For Pete's sake, my birthday is next week, and I would like for it to be spring, if you don't mind. I've asked for a new motorcycle helmet for my birthday, and I would at least like to be able to wear it. I mean to actually ride on the motorcycle. [Actually, I only asked for half a helmet, since the one I want is so expensive, but I am married to the world's last perfect man after all.]



As in temperature just one degree above the teens.

That's just wrong in Georgia anytime, but particularly in April.

We're supposed to be going to baseball games in our shirt sleeves. [Why do we say that? I mean, we wear the whole shirt, don't we? Not just the sleeves?] And I just realized I say "I mean" way too often in my blog. Probably in my everyday speech as well.

We're supposed to be planning bicycle rides and putting the kayak in the lake and having picnics and getting ready to open the pool and riding the motorcycles without jackets and cleaning out the wood burning stove once and for all.

I'm not playing this game. I refuse to wear a sweater to school next week. I refuse to dig my boots back out of the closet. I refuse to cook a big pot of chili.

But if Hubby builds a fire in the stove, I won't complain.

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