Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's That Time of Year......

Sometime in the next week, Hubby and I will commence a ritual dance that we do every spring.

We have just returned from vacation, tan and relaxed, and the temperatures are nearing 90 degrees here.

I will start hoping (silently) that it is time to open the pool. I will do my best to keep my hopes to myself, because I strongly believe that for every time I mention opening the pool, he delays it one more day.

He will say it's not warm enough to swim yet anyway.
I will say that's why we have a solar blanket, and the sooner we get it on, the sooner the water will warm up.

He will say we have to get the leaves off the cover first.
I will scurry out there and do it one afternoon while he is playing golf.

He will say it takes more than just the two of us.
I will remind him that the two of us managed it just fine last year.

He will say wait until a pretty weekend day when he doesn't have to work.
I will point out that, ironically, those are precisely the kinds of days when he plays golf.

He will say there's no point in having to use chemicals before we have to.
Aha! I will have him there. I will point out that we now use approximately $6 worth of salt every year as opposed to approximately $600 worth of chlorine.

Let's see how many days I last before I start dropping hints.


Lakeland Jo said...

wow-is that your pool? It looks wonderful

KatyDid53 said...

I will come help!!