Monday, April 20, 2009

Not ALL Fun and Games....

In addition to all the other amenities, this resort has a top-notch fitness center. Which was empty except for Hubby and me when we went in there.

Like many other areas of the resort, it isn't quite finished yet. The televisions haven't been mounted on the walls yet.

But they have tons of equipment.

Pretty nice stuff, too, from what I can tell based on my rather limited knowledge.

Here I am on the elliptical, just in case you thought all I did was wander into the fitness center and take pictures. I had to make up for some of my all-inclusive indulgence.

And here are some early morning sounds of the ocean. The color of the water is beautiful, no?


Maggie said...

It does look like a nice a fitness area- and wow- thumbs up to you for working out on your holiday- impressive!

Lynn Rambo said...

I'm so jealous (not of the fitness room -ha).
What were they doing on the beach??? Sweeping away seaweed? You special people you!
Enjoy :)