Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Randomness from My World....

A couple of random, unconnected things from my world today....

First, a funny story from a student. Not one I'm particularly fond of (I guess it's okay to admit that), but she made me laugh so hard today I almost cried.

Students in the last class of the day started talking about different whippings they got from their parents as children. Of course I had to interject my story about my mother spanking me with the butcher knife.

But this one girl said:

"My grandma would chase me with a broom handle. I learned to run to a part of the room where her oxygen tank wouldn't reach."

Oh my God, the mental image of that.


When I got home, we had junk mail......er, direct mail advertising (we're not supposed to use the term "junk mail" in our family) from one of the local funeral homes.

Seriously? Advertising funeral services? And really, just how does a funeral home compete? Do they bundle their services like the phone company? Offer interest-free financing for 18 months? Tell people to call in the next 20 minutes and they'll throw in a handy slicer-chopper-dicer-shredder-origami machine? Offer a 100% money-back guarantee? Have a price war, like some gas stations? That would be pretty funny. "I don't really need any right now, but I'm gonna pull in and top 'er off just 'cause it's so cheap."

I know the economy is bad all over, but I don't think THEY have to worry about business falling off. Or going under.

I'm hilarious.


Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing at the oxygen tank thing!

Maggie said...

The oxygen tank is great!

And about the funeral home... when my mom died we were told her casket has a 5 year warranty. WHA????? I was asked to leave the funeral home after I asked several "off color" questions about using this process. :)