Friday, January 2, 2009

Feeling the Panic...

...of Christmas break being almost over. There's still so much I want to do: crochet, nap, exercise, play with my Wii (it finally came today, but it's still in the box), read, crochet, nap, exercise, play with my Wii, read, crochet, nap, exercise, play with my Wii, read...... and repeat if necessary. I love Christmas break, and I know I should be grateful for all the breaks from school we teachers get, but it seems no matter how many days off we have, I always want JUST ONE MORE. I think I remember posting a similar sentiment back in August when the summer was over. Looking on the bright side, however, due to our late start and retarded schedule, we won't have to start a brand-new semester on Monday; we'll finish up 1st semester over the next two weeks. That's better than returning from Christmas break with a brand-new bunch of students and a brand-new schedule.

I'm really not lazy; I just like the freedom of operating on my own schedule. Drink my coffee in a leisurely manner, piddle around, not wear make-up (or a bra).

Retirement is only three and a half years away. And I still have tomorrow and Sunday.

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Lakeland Jo said...

I hope you enjoy every last minute of the break, and feel the benefits of the rest when you do go back to work.