Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crazy Dream #2.....

Last night I dreamed (dreamt? I hate that word) that I was riding a bicycle with one of my students, whom I'll call KK. I suppose we were riding the tandem, and Katydid will be pretty pissed that I let someone else be my stoker, even in a dream.

I have no idea where we were, but there was a huge DOWNhill. And it led to an even steeper downhill. And the road merged with another road on a blind curve, and we went flying down the hill and into the other road without me even being able to see whether or not a car might have been coming. The pavement was wet.

I remember screaming to KK, "Hold on!" As if she had a choice of doing anything else.

I told KK about my dream today at school. I think she went to get her schedule changed.

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susan said...

Heh. I kind of have students now since I have been subbing in the same position 2 weeks. I haven't dreamed about any of them yet though. Wonder if they'd switch classes if I did? Maybe I could get rid of a few?? :)