Thursday, January 8, 2009

Longest Week in History....

Is it just me, or has this been the longest week in history? Or maybe it's just those of us who had two weeks off for Christmas, and the ONE week we've been back seems like it has been exponentially longer. I just like using the word "exponentially."

I was once on the attendance appeals committee at our local high school, and parents had to produce documentation and explain why their little darlings had missed too many days. That was the only way for students to get credits that had been denied due to attendance.

In one such letter, a parent had written that while she acknowledged that her child had attendance issues, he/she (I don't remember which one it was) had "improved exponentially." As soon as we got to that word, I said to grant him/her the credit. I was in awe of a parent who would use that word in an appeals letter.

But I digress...

It hasn't been a difficult week at all. We're still finishing up first semester, so classes are small and students are scrambling to finish all their assignments. Too bad some of them waited until the eighteenth week instead of scrambling from the first week. So I can't really say it has been stressful or more work than usual or anything.

It just seems like an awfully long time since I got up Monday morning to go back to school.

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Maggie said...

While I miss teaching already and I miss my classes, I do not miss this week- the kids are always bouncing off the walls. And it does seem to draaaaaaaaaaag. Hell, I'm not teaching and this week is draaaaaaaaaaaaging. LOL