Thursday, January 1, 2009


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The movie, not the city.

I am a big fan of musicals, and I had seen Chicago before. Richard Gere is yummy even when he's dancing and singing. Or maybe ESPECIALLY when he's dancing and singing.

I watched it again today while I walked on the treadmill. (Yes, I'm attempting to start the New Year off right. But I got a head start and began my new program on Dec. 30th.) I don't know if it's because it's a musical or if I'm just this way about any movie, but I caught things on the second viewing that I didn't get the first time around. Maybe that's why I can always watch movies twice. Or thrice. Or...... What is the word for four times? Never mind.

I had to turn the sound way up so I could hear it over the treadmill's motor, but that was okay. I got all wrapped up in the movie. Normally the time I spend on the treadmill is like having my fingernails pulled out. I watch the clock creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep along and wonder how much longer I'll have to endure the torture. This time, however, the time just flew by. Before I knew it, I had walked for an hour. I really wanted to finish the movie, but it was time for hubby to come home and bowl games to start. (I do still have my priorities.)

I can't wait to finish the movie tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

try watching the one that shows his full frontal (American Gigolo)

I'd love to see the walking results with that challenge!