Monday, January 19, 2009

Epiphany, and Not the Good Kind...

I went to an aerobics class this morning just for the sake of taking a break from the treadmill/elliptical routine. Doing the same old thing every day, I just felt like I was on a..... treadmill.

Woo hoo, I can hardly stand myself I'm so funny.

I hadn't taken a class from this particular instructor before, and I wasn't sure I was going to like her. She kept forgetting the steps and having us start the sequence over. I know it shouldn't bother me, because we're going to keep moving for the entire 60 minutes. It's not like if we get it right we can go home early; that's against the by-laws of aerobics. But at the end she DIDN'T say, "Okay, grab a mat and we'll finish up with some abs." Therefore I decided I liked her very much.

That has nothing to do with this post and I don't care.

I was really getting into the routine, stepping high and kicking like the skinny girls, swinging my arms, and wishing my face weren't beet red before we finished the warm-up part. I was burning those calories, swinging my arms and.... oh, I already said that.

Swinging my arms..... that's when I went, "Whew, something really stinks."

That's when the epiphany occurred.

I had forgotten to put on deodorant this morning.

Now before you go crucifying me for forgetting that absolutely necessary item, remember that I am a creature of routine. And I was out of my routine this morning. I did get up at the usual 5 o'clock when Hubby got up to go to work. But I didn't shower at my usual time. I mean really, who showers BEFORE going to an aerobics class? And I always put on deodorant after my shower.

Anyway, a decent person would have left the aerobics class and gone home to rectify the situation. But I was the (ahem) largest person in the class, and I didn't want any of the others to think I left because I couldn't hang with them. Beet red face and all.

So I stuck it out. I just did the rest of the class with my arms pinned to my sides. But I still jumped and kicked with the best of them.

I'm sure I resembled the Irish Riverdance people doing aerobics. On crack.

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