Monday, November 12, 2012

Excuses, Excuses.....

I don't know if it's my new camera, the (cheapo) new media card I bought with it, or Blogger, but here lately I have had a DEVIL of a time uploading pictures to my blogs.

My usual routine is to move the images from the card to my computer and then upload them from the folder called "Blog Pictures." (I have a separate folder because I don't really want pictures of a Dick and Jane book, for example, scrolling as part of my screen saver.)

Lately, almost every time I try to upload a photo, it comes into Blogger with some sort of wonky stripe across it. And the bottom portion of the photo is usually a solid color. Transparent, but all one color. It may be green this time and red the next. Sometimes I delete it and try to upload it again, with mixed results. It may turn out perfectly the next time, or it may have a DIFFERENT colored stripe in a DIFFERENT part of the photo.

What gives?

I don't think I've ever used that particular expression before in my life.

My blog post for tonight was supposed to be "Things That Don't Belong in My Kitchen." Complete with photographs.

(If I told Hubby what my blog was going to be about, he would suggest I start with pictures of the stove and sink. He's a scream. Even when he doesn't know he's being a scream, like now.)

I think tomorrow I will try using my old camera, then I'll try using the old card in the NEW camera and see if either of those approaches will work to fix the problem.

If not, I'm stumped.

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DJan said...

You didn't say whether the pictures arrive from your camera with those odd features. If so, it seems to be a problem with the card itself. I'm hoping you find a way around this, because I do enjoy your pictures...