Sunday, November 4, 2012

Changing Times......

I'm still undecided as to my true feelings about the whole issue of daylight savings time. It is an adjustment every spring and fall, trying to get my internal clock to sync itself with the "new" time. I hear other folks grumbling for days about "jet lag" and other issues related to troubles with adjusting, but personally I don't feel that I suffer from any real physical manifestations of adjustment problems. Sure I look out at 5:00 PM and say, "Wow, it seems dark already," then I follow that up with, "Duh."

I actually LIKE that it gets dark early. Hubby and I tend to go to bed early (except for nights like tonight, when the Falcons are playing late), and it's unnatural in the summertime to go to bed when it's still light outside. On the other hand, as the days have gotten shorter here lately, it's still too dark in the mornings to see if the newspaper has been delivered. I have to WALK all the way out to the end of the driveway just to see if it's there. (That's about 10 or 15 yards.)

It is somewhat of a jolt to the system for a few days. I did remember to reset ALL the clocks last night (how long before all electronic devices have atomic clocks that don't need to be reset?), and I was temporarily puzzled this morning when I got up at 6:00 AM and it started getting daylight shortly thereafter. I didn't notice it getting dark at an earlier time this evening because I was already engrossed in my book by then.

I know one benefit of the time change will become apparent tomorrow morning. Last Monday, as I was driving to do my volunteer work at the elementary school, I was blinded by the sun. And I do mean blinded. There was a short stretch where I could see NOTHING in front of me. That reminded me of one of the drawbacks of teaching in that town for a total of twelve years, always driving into the sun every morning on the way to school and again in the evening as I headed west to go home.

I'll have a bit of a break tomorrow due to the time change. Until the ever-shortening days catch up with us again. Perhaps by then it will be Christmas break, and the cycle will begin again.

Happy End-of-Daylight-Savings-Time from the South, y'all!

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DJan said...

We are only on standard time for four months these days. I wonder when we will finally pitch the whole idea in the trash and be like Arizona, staying on one time the whole year!