Saturday, November 3, 2012

Busy Day With No Photos.....

It was a busy day for Sweet Girl and me, and I had lots of opportunities to take photographs. Even going back to yesterday, when we were PREPARING for today (a day of football and RVing and tailgating), including completing some tasks I hadn't heretofore (I love that word) done on my own.

  • Going to the gas company to get propane put in the RV, arriving promptly at 8:00 just like Hubby said before the trucks left on their regular routes, only to sit there and twiddle my thumbs for half an hour because they actually don't open until 8:30. 
  • Emptying the waste water tanks on the RV. I have heretofore allowed that to remain a male-defined and male-centered task. I can be sexist when it is convenient.
  • Parking 5 cars in our front yard (it really isn't that big) so I could get the RV out. Hubby took my SUV to Mississippi, and the guys who rode with him left their cars here. And Sweet Girl's car is here. And Hubby has TWO vehicles all by himself. It looks a little like a used car lot at our house.
  • Parking in our usual RV tailgating lot, but NOT in our usual spot where we know exactly how to set up the satellite, because Maurice thought he blocked off our usual spot, but an RV slipped in sometime during the night and took our spot. 
  • Getting frustrated because I couldn't get the satellite set up. I didn't want to watch television that badly, but I desperately wanted to be able to accomplish the feat.
  • Stewing about the satellite for a while, then moving it to the front of the RV and picking up a signal almost immediately. 
  • Leaping over the curb in jubilation because I was able to set up the satellite.
  • Setting up the television outside, which is what I've wanted to do every. single. week. since we started tailgating, but Hubby always puts it inside and then sits inside with the air conditioner on and we may as well be at home watching television.
  • Taking a picture of television sitting outside the RV and texting it to Hubby, not only to let him know I was successful at setting up the satellite all by myself, but also to let him know that when he isn't here, I will basically do whatever the hell I want to.
  • Despairing when our team quickly fell behind 10-0 to a team that hasn't beat us since Jimmy Carter was President, then proceeding to win by a final score of 37-10. We were afraid the whole team was asleep at the beginning of the game.
  • Cheering loudly when the sun finally, mercifully dipped below the line of trees.
  • Choosing (inadvertently) to return to the RV lot by the darkest, scariest, spookiest route possible. Hubby and I don't even go that way when he's with me. What a dork.
Yes, any or all of those would have been photo-worthy. No wonder I can't call myself a photographer.

And I'm almost embarrassed to say my camera was clipped to my belt loop.

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