Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random Sunday Thoughts.......

  • I'm in a blog funk. You may have already detected that by my last few posts. And this one.
  • I used to hate Sundays, especially Sunday nights. Not anymore.
  • Technically I missed my September cycling goal of 300 miles. But since I was only 1.09 mile short, and that was less than 1%, the computer program tells me I'm at 100%. And I'm okay with that. If I had known I would be 1.09 mile short when I rode on Thursday, I wouldn't have taken the treacherous short-cut through the park with its roots and bumps and ruts and sticks. I'm sorry, Jezebel.
  • At the baseball game Thursday night, I bought ice cream. It came in a little plastic Braves baseball helmet. I have no idea what to do with it (other than continue serving ice cream in it, which is a definite possibility), but I can't bear to part with it.
  • I wanted to post a picture of said baseball-helmet-ice-cream-holder, but I think my camera is still in the RV. And it's raining.
  • I took my camera to the football game, clipped onto my belt loop. It banged around on my leg every time I took a step (or jumped up and down and screamed), and it was in the way every time I went to the bathroom. And I never took a single photo. 
  • It may be possible to overdose on sports, but I haven't yet. I will continue gathering data for the research on this topic, though.
  • Braves win, Falcons win, Bulldogs win = happy Bragger.
  • I wish I could find a way to serve tacos for dinner without stinking up the whole house. Other than going out to eat, that is.
  • I have three well-formed novels in my head and plenty of time to write, but I can't make myself sit down and commit them to actual words. 
  •  I already know what I'm going to wear to a football game on November 24th.
  • Here lately, sleeping through the night has been cause for celebration.
  • I'm much more patient than some people think I am.
  • I had all day today to get caught up on laundry. And I didn't wash a single load. I guess tomorrow is another day. Maybe I won't have to go naked.
  • When I complained about pain in my hand to my sister-nurse, she diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome. She may be partially correct, but I realized the pain came from playing a stupid video game. My dentist has already told me to stop playing them, because that's the only time I clench my jaws and grind my teeth. What an idiot. Me, not the dentist.
  • Changing banks is the hardest, most time-consuming thing I've done lately. And I'm not 100% positive I got all the automatic electronic thingamabobs transferred. Fingers crossed.
  • I make a terrible caretaker. I am happy to do anything that needs to be done, but I don't anticipate needs very well and I don't respond well (at all?) to subtlety. 
  • It's almost past my bedtime. Good night!

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DJan said...

B, I read your posts whether or not I comment. Sometimes I am amazed at how much of your current state of affairs is communicated through your writing. I really hope you find the time to get those novels in your head out for others to read! You've got talent.

Oh, and happy New Week and New Month! :-)