Monday, September 17, 2012

Some Photos......

I am a bit disappointed in my photos from the Pennsylvania/Virginia trip. Maybe it's because we were on the go, go, go so much and I didn't have time to properly "compose" them. (Truly, some of them were taken from the window of the bus. I mean the deluxe motor coach.) And as I typically do, I have mourned the shots I didn't get. I'm still mourning the fact that I did NOT photograph a tiny little girl from the trip Hubby and I took to Aruba in 2002. From this trip, I regret not getting a photograph of the CAMELS grazing on one of the Amish farms we drove by.

By the way, I am determined to go back to the Amish country of Pennsylvania and ride my bike. It just seems so appropriate.

Here is a sampling of some of the photographs. I won't bombard you with all of them in one sitting.

These guys were playing in the little square of an area called Kitchen Kettle in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Oh yeah, I had to buy magnets and a shot glass from THAT place. The square had lots of souvenir shops, craft shops, and restaurants.

I fell in love with the colorful farms that dotted the Pennsylvania countryside. You can tell an Amish farm from an "English" one because there are no lines going into the buildings.

The Amish horses are beautiful.

We were trying to put our faces in the cut-outs, and we asked a bystander to take our picture. She couldn't see what was showing on the screen, we couldn't stand on top of each other, and the camera wasn't close enough. Epic fail, I guess. I think Frogger Blogger (bottom right) looks like she's in that old Brady Bunch opening scene.

The Dutch Apple Theater, where we saw Fiddler on the Roof. Wonderful production, wonderful food, and excellent desserts. It's all about the desserts.

Not a very good picture because it was taken from inside the bus. I wish we had had more opportunities to get off the bus and take photos of the scenery.

An Amish buggy. They have been required to put reflectors, lights, and a reflective triangle on them to make them safer when driving at night. Many roads have extra paving outside the travel lane to help accommodate the Amish buggies. Still, I was nervous when our bus (I mean deluxe motor coach) passed close to them. If a buggy has a visor-looking attachment on the top of the front of the buggy (a spoiler, if you will), it indicates the buggy belongs to a minister, a bishop, or other officer of the church.

Amish push-cycles. Our tour guide explained that pedals would allow travel considerably farther from home, so Amish people have modified bicycles to push-cycles, which afford mobility but I suppose aren't ideal for long distances.

Some of the many, many gorgeous quilts for sale.
More photos to come. Thanks for accompanying me virtually!

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DJan said...

I enjoyed these pictures very much. Push-cycles? I don't understand why they were modified like that, but whatever. I wouldn't be a very good Amish... :-)