Friday, September 28, 2012

The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber....

I downloaded The Inn at Rose Harbor for my iPad. I didn't care much for this book, and I can't really say why. It was on the New York Times Bestseller List, and I can't really say why about that either.

I didn't find the characters fully developed; they were more one-dimensional. Maybe I'm just picky, but it seemed the author just threw enough of some literary characteristics in the book to appeal to different groups. A little mysticism (talking to the dead and having them talk back), a little religion, a little macho gruffness, a little romance a lot of romance, a cute little dog. They all had their place in the book, but they didn't FLOW with the book.

The main character, Jo Marie Rose (really? you need THREE first names? just kidding, I know one of them is her last name, and two first names are standard here in the South), has recently lost her husband and she impulsively goes out and buys a bed-and-breakfast, never having had any experience even remotely associated with owning and operating one. Yet she has time to knit, cook meals for herself and her (two) guests, adopt a dog, schedule a renovation project (or two), meet the locals, bake bread, spar with the local handyman, take copious naps, and talk to her dead husband.

Yes, I realize it's fiction and I'm supposed to ... what's the phrase? ... suspend my disbelief?

I also found a grammatical error when the author said the dog "...laid down in front of the fire..." ARRGGGGHHHH!!!!! How many editors does it take to catch that? I know I'm a boorish grammar snob, but finding an error like that in a book turns me off. Way off.

It's an easy read, but I could have derived as much pleasure from reading the four or five issues of The New Yorker Magazine that I haven't gotten around to yet. Maybe more.

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Casey Dawes said...

Happy to send you a copy of my book, California Sunset to cheer you up!