Monday, September 10, 2012

Pennsylvania Trip Day 1.......

Not a lot to write about tonight. We left about an hour late this morning because SOMEONE didn't check her itinerary closely enough and thought the departure time was later. (I don't know her, but she's not on my best friends list.)

The bus trip was actually pretty pleasant. We stopped often enough that we didn't get bored or crazy, but not so often that we felt we would never get here. I am by far the youngest person here, but that's to be expected in a group like this one. And it's okay with me.

We are in Harrisonburg, Virginia, our planned overnight stop on the way to Pennsylvania. This is at the limit of what the driver is allowed to drive in a day. He has a GPS device on the bus (excuse me, deluxe motor coach) that alerts his employer if he goes 5 mph over the posted speed limit. I love technology.

Katydid, Frogger (Not)Blogger and I walked back to the hotel from dinner, but I'm afraid I would have to walk all the way to Pennsylvania to make up for all I ate.

I guess I COULD have taken some photos on the bus (excuse me, deluxe motor coach) today, but I didn't. I hope to do a better job tomorrow.

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