Monday, September 3, 2012

Mother Nature, Please Make Up Your Mind......

It's still brutally hot here in the South. I've been trying (sort of) to get into a regular routine (that's redundant, isn't it?) of riding my bike, but it's been hard. If I am to ride, it must be done early in the morning, before it gets a chance to get hot. That means I absolutely must be on my bike by 9:00, and it has been hard to get motivated to abandon the coffee cup, the book, the iPad, the computer, and the dog to go ride my bike.

I told myself I would ride yesterday morning before Hubby went to play golf, because I thought someone needed to be nearby in case his mother needed one of us. I let the morning slip by, though, and I never got on my bike. Not to mention I felt like I had been beat about the head and shoulders with a baseball bat. I think the two consecutive nights of limited sleep caught up with me, and I gave myself permission to take yesterday as a rest day.

I told myself I would ride this morning before Hubby went to play golf (detect a pattern here?), but the skies looked dark and threatening. Mother-in-law wasn't doing as well as she was the day she came home from the hospital, so once again I thought someone needed to be nearby. And besides, the skies continued to look stormy all day long. And besides THAT, the Braves played an afternoon game.

And it never rained. Well, it rained just a LITTLE bit after dinner, but not enough to amount to anything. In fact, Gus and I had walked down to my mother-in-law's to check on her. We visited for a little bit, and then Hubby walked in. He had driven down there to pick us up because it was raining. Seriously? It's MAYBE a hundred yards from our house to hers. (I'll march it off tomorrow and get a better estimate.) He sat down for a few minutes, and by the time we got up to go home, whatever rain had been falling was completely gone. I walked home anyway, and I think Hubby was insulted that his gallantry had been thrown back in his face.

It's not so much that I think I need to justify whether or not I ride my bike. It's more the fact that we are coming into the time of year when there is an organized ride (or two) almost every weekend through the month of November, and I need to keep putting in the miles so those rides aren't so painful.

Maybe I should simply stop watching the weather reports, stop looking out the window, and just ride. The worst that could happen is I get a little wet. (Well, I guess the ABSOLUTE worst would be getting struck by lightning, but I'll try to be smarter than THAT.)

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DJan said...

My bike is sitting unused right now as I continue my move from one apartment to another. Everything is in chaos and I don't even know for sure where everything is! Bike riding is taking a back seat (smile).