Friday, September 14, 2012

Pennsylvania Trip Day 5.......

The "Monk" in me feels weird referring today as Day 5 on the Pennsylvania trip, since we are now in Virginia. But I'll work through my issues on my own time.

This was another busy, busy, busy day. As our tour guide, Deanne, said yesterday, you go on vacation to the beach to rest. You don't rest (or relax, apparently) on a tour like this one.

We spent the whole day touring Williamsburg. If you're at all familiar with Williamsburg, you know they strive to keep the historical part of the town as true to the 1700's as they can. So the only way to tour Williamsburg is on foot. (I suppose you could do it on horseback, but I left my horse at home.)

We walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked some more. Oh, and we shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped.

I am not a history buff by any stretch of the imagination, but I do appreciate the history associated with Williamsburg. I'll probably be considered blasphemous for saying this, but I think Williamsburg is a little full of itself. I love the folks being in period costume all over town, but when they start talking in the present tense as if they are still IN the 1700's, I start getting a little cynical.

I know, right? Me? Cynical?

I had to laugh when one of the "craftspeople" was talking like that and an airplane could be heard overhead. I wanted to yell, "How do you explain THAT?" But of course I didn't. I thought it was clever of them to hide the cash register behind a panel of wood. Tee hee.

I am very glad we came, and I have enjoyed almost every minute. But I'm also glad to be going home tomorrow. That's what travel is all about, isn't it? I'm actually looking forward to the bus ride home tomorrow. At least I can rest.

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