Saturday, April 7, 2012

Not Your Average Birthday Present.....

Happy birthday to me! A weekend filled with golf, baseball, cycling, and gymnastics. It just doesn't get much better than this.

Hubby asked a couple of weeks ago what I wanted for my birthday. I had anticipated the question, but I still hadn't been able to come up with anything. We don't try to surprise each other, and gift buying is a challenge because A) we don't really NEED anything; and B) we tend to buy whatever we want when we want it. It's one of the perks of being a grown-up.

I thought of something yesterday, though, and it's the kind of thing he might get in trouble for if I didn't specifically request it.

I told him I wanted some sessions with a personal trainer at our local YMCA. I know, right?

I hit a plateau in my weight loss last year, and what I thought was a temporary stall has turned out to be nine months in duration. I eat right (mostly), I gave up beer and chocolate, I not only exercise but I LIKE it, so I'm more than a little frustrated with my loooooooooooooooong-term lack of additional progress. I did manage to lose 35 pounds, so maybe this is where my body thinks it SHOULD be. But I'd like to lose another 15 pounds (20 if I count the 5 that have crept back on...grrrrrrrrrrr), so I know I have to try something different.

I have read about the benefits of weight training and yoga, but I've only put them into practice sporadically. I've just about stopped going to Zumba because I've been cycling so much, and maybe I need that variety. I'm hoping a personal trainer can give me some pointers about how to mix things up without cutting back on my cycling. Because that isn't just exercise for me; it's who I am.

I got on the website for our local "Y" and found that I could purchase 3 one-hour sessions with a personal trainer for $100. That sounded reasonable to me, but since I wasn't going to be paying for it, I asked Hubby if I was worth that much. He texted back: "Get a year." I couldn't decide if he was saying I was worth that much or if he thought I might need a year. Let's go with the former, as it sounds like he was trying to be sweet. (He says that was his intent. He's at least smart enough to fake it if he has to.)

I kept scrolling on the page for the "Y" and it got even better. For the same $100, I can sign up for a "12 Weeks to a Better You" program. (I'm not sure they know what they're up against.) Here's what the website says:

Great program for beginning exercisers or those starting back slowly after a long break. Your 12 week program includes:
  • 12 weeks of personal attention and motivation from a personal trainer
  • 4 1-hour sessions with a personal trainer
  • Gradual, baby steps into your fitness program
  • A better chance that exercise will become a habit
  • $100 fee (members only) - register at the front desk
This is sort of like the Team Lean competition I was in last year, only on an individual basis. It's one more one-hour session with a personal trainer, and I'm assuming there will be weekly check-ins and probably weigh-ins. I don't mind that; in fact, the accountability is often what keeps me on track.

I'm a little concerned about the wording, though. I'm not a beginning exerciser, and I'm not starting back slowly after a long break. I don't need gradual baby steps; I need a jump-start. Surely they can tailor the program to meet my needs too. I don't think I can pretend that I don't exercise at all.

I'm actually excited about the program. Hubby gave me a birthday card with the money for the 12-week program enclosed. I'd better go sign up for it soon, or I may chicken out and buy $100 worth of beer and chocolate.

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