Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grown-Up Coffee........

I think I started drinking coffee in high school. I've never considered myself a "coffee addict," but I do enjoy that first cup or two in the morning. Then I'm done. I'm not one of those who drinks coffee all day long. And if I run out of time and don't have time for that second cup (which is actually a third and fourth cup, if you go by the size of the mug I use), it's not detrimental to my whole day.

When I was pregnant, I abstained from coffee and all other caffeinated drinks entirely. (I didn't stop to consider that gaining 43 pounds was ALSO detrimental to the baby, but whatever.) Sweet Girl was born at the end of June, and since I didn't want to start back drinking caffeine while I was nursing (and who wants a hot cup of coffee anyway when it's 104 degrees outside?), it was one of those first crisp, cool fall mornings when I went back to coffee. Man, I can still remember the aroma and that first sip of coffee after almost a year without it.

My tastes used to run to very weak coffee. I think I heard someone in my family say she liked to be able to read the newspaper through her coffee, and that was the way I liked it too. Plus I drink what I refer to as "children's coffee": lots of sweetener and creamer.

Here lately, though, I've begun to want my coffee stronger and stronger. What's up with THAT? What could make my preference for the way coffee tastes change at the age of 51? (Good heavens, is there no end to the things that are affected by hormones?) I used to make a pot of coffee with three level scoops of coffee. Then I started making them "rounded" scoops. Now they are HEAPING scoops. And I went to a different brand of coffee (we aren't brand loyal when it comes to coffee, because neither of us can tell the difference) with the words "bold" and "robust" on the label. In addition to the heaping scoops, I sometimes throw an additional tad in there too.

Hubby hasn't noticed the change, or at least he hasn't mentioned it to me. And I'm not sure I'm satisfied yet. Maybe it's like a drug addiction, and the more coffee I use, the more I crave.

I guess there are worse things I could be addicted to.

I guess there are worse things to which I could be addicted. Sorry for ending the previous sentence with a preposition.

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DJan said...

I have been a coffee drinker for as long as I can remember. I drink it with cream or soymilk but like the bitter taste so it spoils it for me to add sugar. These days I have a single shot of espresso in my latte and then a small 8-oz cup of coffee later in the day. But I do need that caffeine. So I guess I'm addicted.