Monday, April 30, 2012

Conversations with Hubby....Live and Via Text....

It's been a while since I posted any semi-humorous conversations with Hubby. 

When we leave the casino in Mississippi, the first part of the drive is on very rural back roads. It's my favorite part of the trip. It's early enough in the morning that we don't get stuck behind logging trucks, and there are (usually) very few other cars on the road. The roads aren't as smooth as our roads in Georgia, but they are for the most part straight enough to see forever.

Hubby took the driver's seat when we left, but he only drove for about an hour when he wanted to switch places. He had stayed up until 3:00 AM playing craps, so naturally he was a little tired. I think he only drove in the first place because we were in his new car. (A testament to how badly he wanted to take his car in the first place: He allowed me to put a BIKE RACK on it.)

Right after I started driving, we came up behind a car that was going much slower than I wanted to. In other words, he was probably driving the speed limit. I thought Hubby was asleep, until I heard him say, "Get him."

"But it's a double yellow line," I said.

"That just means be careful," Hubby replied. "Besides, there ain't a whole lot of difference between passing on a double yellow line and driving 85 mph."

"Good point."

The other conversation happened this morning. I realized on the way to school that I had left my lunch in the refrigerator. Because we (allegedly) had a parent conference with one of my advisees first thing this morning, I didn't want to go back and get it. So I texted Hubby with a request for something on his daily trip to Wally World, and I added, "Could you bring my lunch? You can drop it off in office."

Hubby's reply: "Knew u lost money didn't know bout u mind :-)"

How cute. He's even using emoticons now.

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