Friday, April 6, 2012

Favorite Things Friday - Yellow Tulips.....

Yellow tulips are my very favorite flower in the world. I used to think yellow roses were my favorite, so that's what I had in my first (only) wedding. I got married the year after Princess Di and What's-His-Name, so I felt compelled to try to outdo her flowers. No one told me that two dozen yellow roses would weigh roughly the equivalent of a small tank.

Today my co-workers presented me with a very sweet birthday card and these:

I apologize that the only thing I had to take a picture with was my iPhone. (I'm not sure the photos would have been any better with a real camera, I'm sad to say.)

I also apologize that in the second picture I couldn't quite take it without the computers in the background. We are severely limited as far as attractive photo backgrounds in our school.

Not only did they get me a card and some flowers, they called me out into the hall to sing "Happy Birthday" and they made a big production out of giving them to me. When I do birthday cards, I usually just leave them on co-workers' chairs. How dull of me!

Because I have a penchant for sticking my foot in my mouth, naturally I had an embarrassing moment related to the flowers. I completely forgot my birthday is tomorrow, and when I went into a co-worker's room to retrieve a student so we could beat him about the head and shoulders suspend him for a day, I spied the gorgeous flowers and couldn't help exclaiming, "Oh, what BEAUTIFUL flowers!!!" She looked at me blankly for just a second and then said, sighing, "They're for you." I felt so stupid.

The gesture was very sweet, and the flowers are a joy. Now if I can only figure out how to get them home on my bicycle.


DJan said...

Happy birthday! And do tell how you got them home...

Kelly said...

Those are beautiful!! I hope you were able to get them home intact.

Happy Birthday!