Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Mini-Afghan for NashBash.....

It's been a while since I posted a completed project on here. I go through spells in which I crochet madly, then I put it down for months at a time. Obviously, sitting around with a lap full of wool in Georgia in June is no one's idea of a good time. I had to work feverishly on this one to get it finished before I leave for BRAG, since the NashBash follows right on BRAG's coattails.

The pattern called for about 12 more rows, but it also called for a much thinner yarn. At Christmas I made one for Sweet Girl in different shades of blue, and I stubbornly stuck to the pattern. It is approximately the size of Connecticut, so I didn't mind at all stopping this one before it got ungainly.

It's a little bigger than a lap blanket, but not big enough for a bed. Oh, and it's square, so it probably wouldn't work on a bed anyway.

I made this one specifically for the auction at NashBash this year. If you haven't been around very long, NashBash is the name of our family reunion. (My mother's maiden name was Nash.) We used to have a newsletter...NashTrash. And we took up donations...NashCash.

Now we have an auction and a store. People make items for the auction and/or the store, and the proceeds help fund NashBash the following year. Sometimes we get into hilarious bidding wars. I got into one with my cousin's husband one year over a poster-sized photo of my grandparents on their wedding day. It was also my grandmother's 16th birthday. Not only did I want the picture, but they weren't even HIS grandparents! (I mean the guy I was bidding against.) I finally won the picture for $205, and Hubby was goading me the whole time. He is almost ... not quite, but almost ... as competitive as I am. I kept the picture hanging on my wall for several years, then I donated it back to be auctioned off again. I'll try to take photos of some of the more interesting objects at this year's auction and report on how much they brought at the auction.

We also have a "store" for smaller items. This past school year I usually bought something from the Book Man when he left samples at our school, and I accumulated several items for the family store throughout the course of the year: a thinga-ma-jiggie you blow up balloons with (either water or air, but not helium), some solar yard lights, a pink "girlie" tool kit, a book with things to make from a single yard of fabric, a manicure set. I also went on that scarf crocheting binge back at Christmas, so I have several of those. I don't know if they'll go in the store or the auction.

I'm excited about the NashBash this year because it's being held at the same wonderful location as last year, the place where I became enamored of a house on the marsh and almost, almost bought it. The bad news is the marsh house is STILL for sale, and they've dropped the price. But I've retired. So I don't think I'll be tempted. (Sorry, Sweet Girl.)

Lots going on in the next week. Thanks for stopping by. I cherish my readers!

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The girl said...

If I didn't have this pain in the ass place I WOULD try and get it, I really like the cottage and location :(