Saturday, May 26, 2012

Challenge of the Centuries - Saturday.......

Today's ride started off fast and cool and ended up slow and hot. Seriously, it was approaching 95 degrees by the time we finished at 2:00. Rozmo and I rode the 67-mile route, but as card-carrying members of the Round Numbers Club, we had to add in some mileage to make it 70.

The path over the dam. Apparently it is open to the public, but only to a certain point. Cyclists with wristbands were allowed to ride all the way across between certain hours today.

I asked Rozmo to take a new picture of me for my profile picture on Facebook. She does good work, even with bad subjects!

I can't resist taking pictures of water. Lakes, rivers, oceans, streams, waterfalls, bottled water...

I sometimes take decent pictures myself, even if they are accidents. This one I took shooting over my shoulder without looking at the camera. While I was riding.

The view from above the dam. I mean I was ON the dam, not hovering above it.

Sadly, water levels are very low.

Another water shot. I can't even explain this one. Or why I'm leaving it on here instead of deleting it like a sane person would.

Not a very good shot, but this is a dilapidated old school (??) standing in a field on the bike route. The deterioration is evident from year to year. I will be sad the day we ride by and it has fallen down completely.

See above regarding water pictures.

This was an attempt to take a picture over my head and behind me without looking at the camera. That might explain the strange tilt to the shot. And the fact that if I didn't know who that was, I might not be able to identify Rozmo.

A different attempt to take a picture over my head and behind me. Perhaps I am simply offering proof that I do indeed wear a cycling helmet.

We aren't sure yet about tomorrow's mileage. We usually do a shorter route on Sunday, but it will depend on Rozmo's out-of-town relatives. (Her folks live near where the ride is being held.) I'm not even sure which way I would LIKE for our decision to go. I'm tired and sore today, but BRAG is coming up next week (gasp!), and there ain't no options for daily miles when it comes to BRAG. Well, there sort of are... You can ride a lot of miles or a lot MORE miles.

Happy Memorial Day!


DJan said...

Nice pictures! I'm used to all text in your posts, so this was fun. Nice helmet, BTW! And impressive bicep muscles, too. :-)

Evil Pixie said...

I genuinely do not know how you big for such long distances in such blasting heat!