Monday, May 28, 2012

Drive-Thru Panic......

Is it just me, or does anyone else out there experience drive-thru window panic?

You know, that feeling you get when you drive up to the menu of a drive-thru and you hope there will be a long line of cars so you can get a minute to look at the menu, but of course not on this morning, the only car there pulls away and before you even get a chance to see what they have, the nice lady is asking for your order?

I went to the grocery store this morning, and I told Hubby I would bring him a biscuit for breakfast. Oddly enough, usually HE is the one who goes for the biscuits, and he asks me every. single. time. what I want, and I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying, "Duh. Chicken biscuit. Just like every other time." Yet when I got to the speaker thingie at the Golden Arches this morning, I knew he wanted a sausage and egg biscuit (yuck), but I drew a blank on what I wanted.

Talk about duh.

I scanned the menu, but my brain quickly became overwhelmed with all the choices and the divisions and the subsections and the prices and the colors and the pictures and the nice lady waiting for me to order. To her credit, she had said, "Order whenever you're ready." But I hate to keep someone waiting, and I could picture her in there rolling her eyes, and I swear I almost just ordered a #1, knowing it would be something I hated and it would come with hash browns (which I didn't need) and coffee (which I didn't want), but I would eat/drink every morsel and pretend it was what I wanted all along.

I don't even know what a #1 has in it. But I think I know where the concept of those combo meals came from. Someone just like me who experienced drive-thru panic.

I spotted sausage breakfast burritos on the menu, so to buy some time I asked the girl if they had a burrito with chicken in it. I knew they didn't, since they are NOT the ones who allow us to "Have it Your Way," but it was a good stall tactic. Or maybe it elicited more eye-rolling, I'm not sure.

At the last second I spotted the fruit and maple oatmeal and ordered that.

And it was very, very good.

I might order it again next time. If I have a mini-stroke overnight and forget that my breakfast of choice from fast food joints is a chicken biscuit.


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The girl said...

I prefer the chicken biscuits from chick-fil-a those are yummy