Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm An A.D.D. Camper......

I am in the RV, alone, about an hour and fifteen minutes from home, for a bike ride. It's the same one I did last year, and if you weren't around and are curious, you can read about Saturday's ride here and Sunday's ride here.

I am in the parking lot of the YMCA, where the ride is based. I am NOT where I planned to be, in a shady campground on the lake with electricity and running water and satellite t.v. And I'm almost, ALMOST over the fact that I am NOT in a shady campground on the lake with electricity and running water and satellite t.v. I won't burden you with the boring details. At least our RV has a generator, so I have air conditioning, and I hope the two older gentlemen in the older RV WITHOUT a generator were joking when they asked if they could hook theirs up to my generator, because I laughed and walked...ran away.

And see, I'm so A.D.D. that I had already forgotten why I titled this post as such.

Please forgive me for using that term and don't send me hate comments, because I am NOT making fun of people who are truly A.D.D.

I have discovered that when I travel in the RV, particularly when I travel alone, I bring a variety of things to keep me occupied. And then I feel that I have to do them ALL. So I have played a game or two on my iPad, I read (a tiny bit), I have checked the message boards and blogs and Facebook on the computer, I have crocheted some (but not enough) on the afghan that MUST be finished before NashBash in 15 days, and I'm listening to the MP3 player I keep in my computer bag and rarely, rarely ever use. And checking in on the baseball game when I get an alert that someone has scored. So far the only scoring has been done by the Washington Nationals, and the Braves are on a four-game losing streak, thank you very much, and that can't be good for my blood pressure the night before a ride that is sure to wind up being close to 70 miles.


I have two or three dozen other activities to cram into my evening before I hit the sack. I will report on the ride tomorrow.

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