Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random Thoughts.....

  • I went back to Zumba class tonight for the first time in MONTHS. I got there right on time, so there was no room in the front row, where I like to be. I had a hard time seeing from the back, and I REALLY wanted to blame it on someone other than myself when I didn't know some of the dances. What a brat. But the class was awesome.
  • One of my students asked me today if I were talking to myself. I responded, "Yes I am. Sometimes it's the only intelligent conversation I can find." One of her classmates explained it to her.
  • My awesome Hubby cleaned the house today. Vacuumed, swept, mopped the floors, put new light bulbs in the kitchen fixture so I don't have to use Braille cookbooks. Cookbooks....bwahahahahaha. AND he put a roast and some potatoes in the crockpot, so we're pretending he cooked dinner too.
  • It's only May, and I'm already dreading the days getting shorter. What is WRONG with me? Maybe I should move nearer the equator, where the days are the same length all year.
  • UGA has yet to contact me regarding the opening for a gymnastics head coach. I expect a call just any minute. 
  • A co-worker has introduced me to yet another addictive game for my iPhone, called Logos. Today I resorted to cheating to figure out some of the logos. In my (rather weak) defense, some of them were rather obscure. Who even drives an Opel anymore? I searched and searched car logos for one that I was CERTAIN was a car. I just saw a commercial for Steak & Shake and realized it was the mysterious logo. Go figure.
  • There was a story on the Atlanta news this morning about a group of fifth graders on a field trip. Seems the bus company subcontracted out the return ride without informing the new company of the nature of the group. The vehicle sent to fetch the fifth graders back to school was a "party bus," complete with leather seats and at least one dance pole. Naturally parents are in an uproar. I figure if the bus didn't come WITH a stripper, no harm no foul. And if a fifth grader knows what a dance pole is for, you've got bigger problems than a party bus.
  • I shipped a book back to the publisher today, one that I didn't mean to order. When I told the post office lady I wanted to ship it Media Mail, she asked what was in it. (Duh...it's MEDIA.) When I told her it was a book, she asked if there were anything else in there with it. What, does she think this is the airport? No there's nothing else in it, and yes I packed it myself.
  • Hubby asked if I needed anything on his every-other-day trip to Wally World yesterday. I went out on a limb and asked him to pick up a skein of yarn in a specific color. He got it right.
  • In a meeting after school today, we were discussing how to better serve our students next year. The question of having a services coordinator came up (that's the job the Warrior Princess had when she worked with us...sniff sniff), and our principal said she may be able to work that position back in for next year. Then she looked at me and said, "And I think you ought to apply for it." WHAT? What part of "retire" doesn't she understand?
  • It rained yesterday and today, and I'm going into cycling withdrawal. I'm not complaining, because I know we need the rain, but I'm also ready to ride.
  • Some commercials on television are hilarious, but only the first 450 times you see them.
  • I don't think I've ever seen anything on The Three Stooges that I thought was really funny.
  • It's 119 days until the start of the college football season. 


DJan said...

I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but I don't like the extra long days and short nights. I need my sleep and have to block out all that light! :-)

Kelly said...

The rare times I mail anything using Media Mail they always grill me about whether I've included any kind of handwritten note with the book. Evidently that would disqualify it.