Sunday, May 27, 2012

Challenge of the Centuries - Sunday.....

Not as many pictures today (but I think the ones I took were very cool, for very different reasons), since it was a fairly short ride. Rozmo and I opted for the 30-mile route, which we did NOT feel obligated to round up to a 40-miler. We thought about the 60-miler, but Rozmo was headed to the lake with her family, and I was eager to get home. Where I vegged by the pool for a couple of hours.

I saw this baby from a distance, and I started reaching for my camera. He must have been camera-shy, because he started RUNNING as soon as I got in range. Maybe he never saw a bicycle before?

I'm always fascinated by cemeteries. I was so intent upon taking a picture of this one that I failed to notice a car behind us trying to pass. Oh, the irony. Luckily it was a SAG vehicle, and they are much less likely to run over cyclists than typical pissed-off drivers.

When I rode up next to this guy I said, "Suddenly I feel like a wimp for having a SEAT." This is called an Elliptigo, and it is the coolest thing I've seen since ... well, lately. He is a triathlete, and he said he ... rode? ... this one today to better build up his legs for triathlons.

This was the last organized ride before BRAG begins next Sunday. I have a gazillion things to do to get ready for that, but I hope to sneak in a couple of easy training rides this week to keep certain body parts used to the constant ... pedaling.


DJan said...

That is a weird contraption. I've never seen anything like it. I think I would miss the seat. :-)

Kelly said...

The elliptigo looks very neat! I would love to try out something like that (briefly).