Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Thursday That is Almost a Friday......

We have two four-day weeks back-to-back....whoo hoo! Our school board, in its infinite wisdom (really, this time...well maybe not INFINITE), scheduled some weather make-up days into our school calendar this year. After the debacle caused last year when we were iced in for a gazillion days in a row and had to scramble to figure out how to make them up, they thought it wiser to plan ahead. What an idea!

And even more surprisingly, they attached at least one of the weather make-up days (tomorrow) to a Monday that was already going to be a holiday (Presidents' Day). Therefore, while today is Thursday on the calendar, it felt like a Friday. And just like most Fridays, large numbers of our students took an extra day to make it an even LONGER weekend. We took the Friday feeling so far as to wear jeans to school today. Hubby wanted to take this long weekend to make a trip to the casino in Mississippi, but there is a home gymnastics meet on Saturday, so I nixed that idea.

The bummer is that Hubby has continued his part-time work (for almost no pay) through a temp agency, and tomorrow is one of the days he has to work. What time does he want to get up? 5:00 AM, of course. On MY day off. That's so he can get his work done and still get to the golf course for his regular Friday game. Butthead.

Unlike many long weekends, I haven't planned every spare moment of this one. Tomorrow it's supposed to be near 65 degrees here (man, that was a short winter ... DAMN, I've probably jinxed it now), so I fully intend to ride my bike. And other than the gymnastics meet on Saturday, I don't have any other plans. My plan is simply to enjoy the free time away from the students and have some "me" time.

And maybe do some housework.

Or not.

Happy (Early) Weekend!

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Kelly said...

Oh man, I hope you didn't mess things up with that short winter comment!! I'll hold you personally responsible! ;)
(it's been nice, hasn't it?)