Friday, February 17, 2012

Favorite Things Friday - Musical Group (That Isn't Named Billy Joel).....

I realize that Billy Joel does not constitute a musical group. He DOES have a band (albeit he and his long-term drummer, Liberty DeVitto, broke up several years ago), and I feel somewhat disloyal picking anyone other than Billy Joel as any kind of musical favorite, but he's still my all-time number one favorite.

There. I'm glad THAT'S out of the way.

My favorite group (at least tonight) from the late 70's and early 80's was the Little River Band. They hailed from Australia, and I had a serious crush on the lead singer, whose name I can't even come up with right now. I suppose I could go look it up and add to the 7 windows I have open on my laptop and the 2 that I have open on my iPad, but why get that technical? I mean, I had a SERIOUS crush. I was convinced that I was going to cross paths with that lead singer at some point in the future, and in spite of the lyrics in one of their songs that said, "I've never been romantic...and sometimes I don't care..." I just knew I could be the one to turn him around and MAKE him romantic. That's assuming he even wrote the stupid lyrics, and I have no knowledge of that whatsoever. My dream of running into him and turning him into a hopeless romantic and sweeping me off my feet (if he didn't peg me as a stalker first, that is) completely ignored the fact that I never saw the Little River Band in concert and only had two or three of their albums.

I didn't say it was a RATIONAL blog post.

I was reminded of my love for LRB (see, if I refer to them by their initials, don't they HAVE to love me back?) this afternoon on my bicycle when my iPhone shuffled through one of their songs. My absolute two favorites are "Cool Change" (the source of the lyrics referenced above) and "Reminiscing," my all-time favorite.

A real blogger would find some clips of the songs, perhaps a picture of the band. At least an album cover.

Aren't you glad you stopped by for THIS?

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Kelly said...

I LOVED "Reminiscing". Do you remember the video for that one? The lead singer was quite sexy in it.