Monday, February 20, 2012

Four-Day Weekend and a Three-Day Work Week....

Do I hear a "hallelujah" from the masses? I just had more days off in a row than I will work this week. That's one way to get the week started off with a smile.

I bookended my long weekend with bike rides. I rode 41 miles by myself on Friday, and today Rozmo and I rode a 56-mile route we've covered before (and part of it is on the annual Spring Tune-Up ride). It was much colder than I would like for a bicycle ride, and I pulled something in my back this morning, either of which singularly would have compelled me to call off the ride in years (days?) past. But I didn't want to let Rozmo down, I wanted to get my February mileage in, and I honestly thought the problem with my back (extreme lower back) would be helped by riding and stretching it out. Not so much.

I was getting out of the recliner this morning to go get ready when I felt a catch in my lower back. As I told Rozmo, that should have been a clear indication that getting out of the recliner was the worst thing I could do today. We stopped at a little store on our ride, and there was a picnic table in the sunshine, so I lay down on the bench. I told Rozmo, "I may never move from this spot again." The warmth of the sun felt very good, and lying flat gave my back some relief. That statement almost came true a few moments later when I realized I could NOT get up from that spot. I was finally able to haul myself up by grasping the table and sort of rolling off the bench. Not very graceful, but it worked.

The map doesn't do it justice. Ha ha ha ha ha. This is one of the prettiest areas in our state, with lots of horse farms and not much traffic. And friendly people who didn't ask us A) why we would choose to ride our bikes in chilly weather; or B) what the hell we were doing on the road in the first place.

Katydid, notice we went to Newborn...AGAIN!


DJan said...

I did something similar to my own back last summer and it took a couple of weeks before I could get up from being down flat without pain. But then it got better, so I'm sending you healing thoughts.

Kevin said...
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